3D Printed Musical Instruments: 13+ Free Plans

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    3D printing has become increasingly popular as it has provided us with the freedom to build a wide array of objects with ease and at the comfort of home.

    From 3D printed rib eye steaks, bookends, water pipes, livers, articulated slugs and more!

    This freedom extends to almost every aspect of life, even in music, by offering the ability to 3D print musical instruments.

    This article dives into 13 musical instruments you can 3D print and where you can find CAD models of these instruments.

    13 3D Printed Musical Instruments

    1. Guitar.


    When we think of musical instruments, the first thing that comes to mind is a guitar. 3D-printed guitars come in a wide array of designs and models, with the most popular design being the Black Widow Guitar.

    The Black Widow guitar’s design comprises six effortlessly put-together pieces, a Fender-style neck, and other electronics. Its remarkable design has attracted many 3D printing enthusiasts. It was first showcased in 2016 at CSE.

    Other 3D printed guitar designs include the Adapto Modular Guitar Pro, Steel String Acoustic Guitar, and the HR Giger.

    Where to download: Thingiverse

    2. Recorder Flute.

    Recorder Flute.

    The flute is the oldest musical instrument known to man. They produce sound by blowing air into the sharp edge. The concept of a flute is quite simple; therefore, additional hardware is not necessary when you 3D print them.

    The recorder consists of a mouthpiece, where the air is blown, and a hollow cylinder with finger holes used to produce different notes. It usually has seven holes, three for the left hand and four for the right.

    The soprano recorders are usually the smallest and easiest to 3D print. It is printed in multiple pieces, which makes it easier to print and easier to clean.

    Where to download: Thingiverse.

    3. Ukulele.


    A Ukulele is a surprisingly easy to 3D print musical instrument. Their designs range from fully 3D printed to Upcycled. To 3D print a Ukulele, you need a large amount of printing material, strings, and metal screws.

    Models of a 3D printed Ukulele vary from a Simple Soprano, Banjo, Nuke Electric Ukulele to a Pocket Ukulele.

    Where to download: Thingiverse.

    4. Maracas.

    Maracas, also known as Rhumba Shakers, are percussion instruments played by hand. They are played as a pair by shaking and are popular in the Caribbean. When 3D printing Maracas, you can print a twist-off maraca that can be opened on one end to add materials such as rice, beans, paper clips, or buttons that will produce sound when shaken.

    Where to download: Cults.

    5. Ocarina.


    The ocarina is a wind instrument made up of an enclosed space with 4 to 12 holes and a mouthpiece projecting from the body. It can be made from plastic, glass, or ceramic. The ocarina is played by blowing air into the mouth, and as air enters the windway, it hits the Labium, producing sound.

    3D printing an ocarina is challenging as the instruments need to be hollow on the inside and fully enclosed. This means you need to print multiple pieces that perfectly join when assembled or create a single part without internal supports. The quality of the 3D print also needs to be top-notch as smoother surfaces produce clearer sounds.

    Where to download: Thingiverse.

    6. Croaking Frog.

    Croaking Frog.

    The croaking frog is a musical instrument that mimics the sound of a frog. It is usually made with monkey pod wood which makes t produce refined sounds. It is played by placing the frog in your hand and using a wooden stick to stroke it from the back to the front. It is easy to play and also easy to 3D print. It has no extra parts, making it a great musical instrument to 3D print if you are a beginner.

    Where to download. Thingiverse.

    7. Music box.

    Music box.

    A music box is a musical instrument that plays musical notes automatically by using pins placed on a revolving disk to pluck the tuned teeth of a steel comb. Some variations of the music box contain a tiny drum and bells added to the metal comb. A 3D printed music box consists of a base, a holder, reeds, notes cylinder, a gear worm system, and bolts. The 3D-printed music box comes in a variety of models and designs.

    Where to download: Instructables Workshop.

    8. Saxophones.

    The saxophone is a wind instrument with a conical body that produces sound when a reed on a mouthpiece vibrates. The pitch is controlled by closing and opening holes in the body to change the length of the tube. A 3D printed model of a saxophone seemed impossible until Olaf Diegel, a mechatronics professor and 3D printing enthusiast, achieved this excellent fit.

    Where to download: Ameede.

    9. Violin.

    The violin is a string instrument with a hollow body and four to five strings tuned in perfect fifths with G3, D4, A4, and E5. It is played by drawing a bow across its strings. You can easily download CAD models of a 3D print violin easily online, and the print looks and sounds just like a traditional violin.

    Where to download: Hova Labs.

    10. Drums.


    3D printed percussion drums are the most complex musical instruments that you can 3D print. Michael Szydlowski, however, did manage to create low-cost drums with 3D printing technology and called them ZMorph 5.0. he used AutoDesk to work on the 3D modeling of the drums. He printed individual parts with varying infill to attain the right sound for each part.

    Where to download: Thingiverse.

    11. Pianos.

    A 3D printed piano seems complex and rightfully so primarily due to its size. A 3D-printed piano has been designed at the MONAD Studio by Eric Goldemberg and Veronica Zalcberg. The piano Manufacturer Steinway also used 3D-printed technology to print parts on their pianos.

    Where to download: Cgtrader.

    12. Melodicas.

    The melodica is a reed musical instrument with a musical keyboard and is played by blowing air into a mouthpiece on the side of the instrument. Pressing the keys opens a hole for air to flow. A 3D-printed melodica was recently designed by Darren Barnase, who shared his building process on his website.

    Where to download: Sketchfab.

    How is 3d printing used in music

    3d printing has come a long way in recent years, and its capabilities are now being used in all sorts of interesting ways – including music. In this blog post, we take a look at how 3d printing is being used by musicians to create new and innovative instruments and artwork. From custom-made guitars to bespoke speaker cabinets, there are endless possibilities for what 3d printers can do for music.

    Are 3D printed instruments safe?

    PLA is a perfect material for surgical instruments. 3D printers extrude it at temperatures well above the recommended 121° C or even 170 C, which makes them totally sterilized and germ free for you to begin playing. Just watch out for sharp edges!

    3D printing musical instruments have now been made easier than ever. You can download the CAD models of any of the listed musical instruments, have fun printing these fantastic instruments, and knock yourself out playing them.

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