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6 Ways To Fix A 3D Printer That Stops Extruding Mid Print

6 Ways to Fix A 3D Printer That Stops Extruding Mid Print
Unfortunately, a 3D printer can stop extruding midpoint. When such a thing occurs, it leaves everyone worried whether the task will get done successfully. If you have ever experienced such an instance and you would want to know how to fix the issue, you need...

The Creality CR 10 vs Ender 3: Differences + Pros & Cons

Creality CR 10 vs Ender 3
Support: Ender 3 offers great community support as well as guides and tutorials Price difference: the CR-10 is more expensive Build Volume: the CR-10 has a larger build volume. Size: Ender 3 is smaller (check out our list of small 3D printers) Upgrades:...

3D Printer Filament Sticks To Nozzle: Why It Happens And How To Fix It

3D Printer Filament Sticks To Nozzle: Why It Happens And How To Fix
3D printing is one of the most exciting technologies to have come out in recent years, allowing makers to produce their plastic items. However, even though 3D printers are getting more popular each day, it still takes time for every aspect of this technology (especially...

Five High Temperature 3D Printer Filaments: With Pics

What Are 5 High Temperature 3d Printer Filaments
The best 3D printers can now print at high temperatures above those capable of the plastic filaments used previously. High-temperature filaments are made from a variety of plastics that have been improved to withstand higher heat and stay liquid long enough for a print. They...

The 7 Best Small 3D Printers For Cramped Spaces

The 7 Best Small 3d Printers
When I was at the Nuremberg Maker Faire, a number of people asked me if I thought I would ever get a 3D printer. I had been researching them, and figured I just needed to find the right one. As it turns out, the right...

3D Printing Batman: How to Do It In 4 Steps

3d Printing Batman
Batman was always the number one superhero of my childhood, and the first and only toy I ever got as a child. There was a certain amount of time in my childhood where I was obsessed with Batman. I loved the character and I loved...

The Five Strongest 3D Printer Resins

The Five Strongest 3d Printer Resins
3D printer resins are building materials used by 3d printing machines. They usually come in vats that need to be cured with ultraviolet light immediately after application onto the building platform. The resin is then liquefied and hardened into a solid plastic object once...

Is 3d Printing Resin Toxic? [Safety]

Is 3d Printing Resin Toxic?
Resin manufacturers recommend that you use ventilation to prevent fumes from accumulating- but respiratory protection, in general, isn't required (Source) You should not breathe in the fumes over long periods of time. If they accumulate, you can get dizzy, headaches, and other symptoms....

Glowforge Pro v.s. Snapmaker 2.0: Differences + Pros & Cons

Glowforge Pro vs Snapmaker 2.0
With the Glowforge, you can only laser cut as compared to laser, CNC and 3D print with the Snapmaker 2.0 If you are only looking for a laser cutter then go with the Glowforge- but if you want a multiuse machine then the...

3D Printing Line Width: 7 Tips To Get It Right

Tips On How To Get The Best 3D Printing Line Width
I love 3D printing in my garage. I just love tinkering with my printer. I find myself printing new objects all of the time on my beginner 3D printer. I try to make sure that I print a new design or new part every week....