3D Printer v.s. Cricut Maker: Differences + Pros & Cons

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    • The Cricut Maker and the 3D printer are vastly different devices- one is a crafting tool, while the other is a high-tech device that can print highly complex objects layer by layer from the bottom up using different types of filament
    • A Cricut is an electronic cutting machine that is able to cut all types of designs from materials like vinyl, paper, iron-on transfers, and card stock. Some Cricut machines are even capable of cutting leather and wood
    • The way 3D printers work, the printer starts by reading a 3D model design from a computer. It then creates cross-sectional layers of the object, starting with the bottom and building up. This layering process is what gives 3D printing its characteristic “build height.” Finally, the printer uses heat to melt filament and fuse each layer together. The end result is an amazing three-dimensional object

    We all have that one big purchase that we want to purchase for ourselves. In your mind, it may be between the 3D printer and the Cricut maker. Before you make the decision, ask yourself a few questions.

    Which product is highly recommended by other customers that have currently used them? What would you use them for? Which one is within your budget?

    Let’s take a look at each product to make things easier for you to decide.

    The Big Picture

    When we look at the big picture, we’re thinking long-term. For example, would we use these items for personal or business purposes? You must understand how these products work in the real world to see which one would be best suited for you.

    You may end up choosing both of them, but it depends on your purpose.

    The 3D Printer Overview

    As a quick guide- check out our favorite beginner 3D printers, 3D printers for small businesses, best resin 3D printers, and these dual extruder printers.

    We live in a digital world where you can build anything you can think of from a printer. There are a few different printers you can purchase that will be the perfect match. The first one that we’ll go over is the FDM, Fusion Deposition Modeling.

    It’s similar to the way a hot glue gun works. You put the material in the machine, and it comes through a hot piece. When it’s in the hot piece, it melts the material together.

    The device will put the product in layers, so you can see how it comes together.

    The second type of printer is SLA, stereolithography. It is very different than the previous product mentioned. Instead of the device printing the object in layers, this machine uses light to form an object.

    The material starts as a puddle. Once the light hits the material, the product will rise layer by layer. One difference from the first machine previously mentioned is that this printer pays close attention to detail.

    Lines on the product will pop, and it will seem more realistic.

    Laser centering is the next machine worth mentioning. The laser is powerful and will go over a lot of sand. Once the laser sets its territory and moves across the sand, the product will rise from the sand as if the two are being diffused together.

    The laser machine will have more sand go under the laser, and another layer is formed. These steps will keep repeating until all the layers are completed and your project is finished. The laser centering machine is more complicated than the other two devices.

    We have one more printer to talk about that falls under the 3D printer category. Polyjet is similar to the FDM and SLA machines. If you were to build your project using a little bit of those three machines, you would have the perfect product.

    When using this device by itself, your project will come from water droplets. Pretty cool, right? It gets better.

    The water will harden once it’s under ultraviolet light. The good news is this is the best device to purchase because it takes the fastest amount of time to complete the project, and it’s the most detail-oriented out of all four devices. The bad news is that it’s the most expensive.

    Now that you’re familiar with how each printer works, you must know why you need 3D printers as a part of your daily life. With this digital world, we live in, medical offices jump at the chance to use 3D printers and change the way prosthetics work. The devices will scan the body and build a perfectly good body part that can be used by the patient.

    Organs can be built to save someone’s life. That’s still in the works, but scientists are currently in testing mode.

    The Cricut Maker Overview

    The Cricut is a simple product. It can be used anywhere even for personal reasons. The Cricut can be used to cut even the heaviest material.

    Before you get started using these products, you must connect them to your computer or iPad using the connecter it comes with.

    Next, you will install the design software on your computer and follow the instructions on your screen.

    There are several different tools that you can use with this device, and each one serves a different purpose.

    You can create your design on the design space before printing it. You are required to use mats, so the device will have something to print the design on. You can use anything you want to print your design.

    Customer Reviews

    Before making your final decision to purchase your product, it’s always helpful to hear what the customers say. They have experience with each device and will help you decide the best brand to purchase.

    The 3D printers

    The 3D printers

    People respond very heavily to the 3D experience. They love all the machines, and each brand works just as well. The customers agree that this is the perfect product to purchase whether you’re using it for work or to entertain your children.

    Some customers say purchasing the one that is more expensive than the others will last a long time. If you’re planning on using your device often, that is the best advice they can give you.

    The Cricut Maker

    When you’re shopping around for this product, you may notice that some options will come in a bundle package while other products will have the Cricut maker only. When you’re looking at buying everything together because you think it will save you money, you may want to rethink that decision. Customers recommend purchasing the accessories separately.

    All the customers agree that the machine works great and to only purchase the machine because it will end up saving you money.

    Now that you have read the details for both products and have heard what customers had to say, it’s time to take that step and purchase one or both of them. You can’t go wrong with either of them. Each one will bring some help to your personal and professional lives.

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