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    Stoners were commonplace even in the Stone Age (kind of).

    Archeologists have discovered bongs made of gourds and skulls that date back thousands of years. People have enjoyed filtering their smoke through water over the course of evolution to increase their hit size and cool it down.

    Only the methods and materials used to make water pipes are different from the ones our hunter-gatherer ancestors used. Now we can 3D print them!

    A bong delivers a more smooth, refreshing, and filtered smoke that is easier to inhale than a dry pipe.

    Because of their large hits, bongs are very popular today. The bong does one thing well: it gets as much marijuana smoke as possible into your lungs at once.

    The way a water pipe as opposed to a 3D printed bong works, the water filters out many of the harmful toxins from the smoke by forcing it to pass through it while you inhale through the mouthpiece.

    The large pieces of ash, as well as much of the tar, end up in the water. They are trapped in the interior of the glass instead of getting into your lungs.

    The water’s cooling effect helps to keep the smoke from burning your throat like dry pipes can.

    3D Printed DIY Water Pipe Bong

    If you’re interested in printing up weed accessories- check out these cool 3D printed dab stations!

    3D printed water pipes

    Modular Water Pipe 3D print model

    Modular Water Pipe 3D print model

    You must understand that this is a modular bong made of varying parts. In addition, you can create this product by yourself. It has a height of 30mm. However, ensure you use a separate glass joint when using this pipe since contact between flame and plastic is never acceptable. For positive and excellent results, use it appropriately.


    Best Water Pipe for Shmokin’

    Best Water Pipe for Shmokin'

    This product has a design that does not need support. Moreover, you can print it with the utmost five walls on each side to maintain the water tightness. It is 249mm tall, meaning it should print on minimal printers.


    Arizer Solo II Water Pipe, “The Boiler”

    Arizer Solo II Water Pipe, "The Boiler"

    Each part of the push fits together between the glass stem and the body. Furthermore, the body and stem space is usually maintained via an internal holder. On the other hand, it has a water-level mark, which shows the correct recommended fill-level internally. You can observe this via any given holes.

    However, printing in a transparent filament will allow you to fill the water pipe to the appropriate level easily. It is also good to print with an infill of 100%and turn your perimeter layers to 8.

    It does not need any support unless you are scared of bridges. If you need any support, ensure you alter the angle to 89 degrees to avoid supports from being added internally.


    Water Pipe (Bong)

    Are you looking for a complete functioning water pipe? Look no more and opt for Water Pipe (Bong). It incorporates a 15mm female stem and requires a 14mm male glass bowl piece. This version of the water pipe is slimmer, unlike the last version, and it has a hole for the finger that assists it to maximize stability and bridging. Similarly, it incorporates splash few guards and tide breakers to help water splash into the mouth.


    Snap Together Water Pipe (Easy to print)

    Snap Together Water Pipe (Easy to print)

    This product functions with the mouthpiece and perc. It has additional extension tubes to lengthen and spice up your pipe. The mouthpiece usually matches its simple impression. When looking for a 3D printed water pipe, make sure you consider this product.


    Gatorade Water Bong

    GATORADE WATER BONG is worth an investment. This water pipe is easy to make and carry, and it fits perfectly on the Gatorade water bottle. It utilizes 18mm glass down the stem, and it is 4 inches longer, which makes it function excellently. In addition, you can add your glass bowl and cold water, and you are good to go. You can use minimal Teflon tape on your bottles threads, which will assist you in making an air-tight seal.


    A Colorful Look

    No plans with this one- but it’s still gorgeous to look at!

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