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    A dab rig can be described as a water pipe that is used to inhale marijuana dabs. The dab rig looks similar to a bong.

    Check out some 3D printed bongs if you want to get really creative with your smoking!

    It has a chamber for cooling vapor. However, instead of a bowl for flowers like in a bong, it has a nail for its concentrates.

    There are many types of nails. The most popular is the banger. This nail looks like a bucket. It is usually made from quartz or borosilicate. Another type of nail is the Terp slurper. To vaporize dabs, nails must be capable of enduring high temperatures (400-600°F).

    With all this equipment, you’re going to need a 3D printed dab station to help you keep things organized and avoid things falling over.

    These are some of our favorite 3D printed projects– we love the weed community here!

    Our favorite 3D printed dab stations


    This product can hold one 14mm dab nail, one bigger dab container, one small dad container, one carb cap, and one dab tool. Most people love it because it delivers incredible performance and is a top-quality product.



    It holds male bangers of 14mm as well as 18mm. In addition, it also holds a dabber tool. On the other hand, it features a silicone puck and q- tips slot. Bear in mind that this product also has an infill of 70%. It is a top-quality product and delivers excellent performance. Thanks to its awesome features for making it recognized globally.



    The 710 Dab station was innovated recently, and it functions well. It has a left circle of 15mm, which fits basic carb caps, and a right circle for dab nails of 14mm. The little area at the front is for the dab tool, while the larger circle stores lighters and cue tips. Furthermore, this product has an infill of 20% and does not require support. If you are looking forward to buying a 3D printed dab station, consider this product that comes with an awesome experience.



    This product is excellent for cleaning supplies, storage of products, and spare glassware. Similarly, its surrounding tabs allow you to add more modules. Additionally, weeks of prototypes and testing alongside lengthy discussions led to the innovation of this product. It features one POD for ball caps, the second POD primarily 1 and 2 for product jars and flat caps. Besides, it also features a tool stand module, 100mm bangers, large extra storage module. This product has a zig-zag infill of 20%, which goes in the same direction.



    You must know that this device was innovated recently and it functions excellently. It has four circles for 14mm downstems, a circle or sphere of 14mm, and one sphere or circle of 16mm, a cutout for many carb caps. Likewise, it has two oil container spots that are not quite universal. This product’s front has been cut out for two or one dab tool. Choose today and have an incredible experience. It has an infill of approximately 20% to 25% and does not require support.



    Are you tired of observing the rip-off dab station STL files across your internet? Then, opt for this 3D printed dab station. However, if you purchase this product, you will also need to buy some accessories that will work alongside it. Many people who have used this product can confirm that it delivers remarkable performance. Thanks to its features for making it recognized in the industry.



    It is a two-in-one dab station. Furthermore, it incorporates a dabber holder, carb cap rest area, and Q- tip dispenser, responsible for maintaining your favorite dab spot. It is stick-free, but you can still come across something sticky. Choose this product over the other and enjoy an incredible experience.


    Dab Tool Drip Tray

    Dab Tool Drip Tray

    This product is ideal for dab tools. It holds used or old concentrate jars, similar to a drip pan. The dab tool that was utilized was 113mm in total. Additionally, it features a 13mm step down, and 25mm round base before an object emerges out of the base. Parts must snap together with sufficient force to print orientation for strength. Suppose your machine is not calibrated completely; you might have to sand edges lightly.


    Dr Dabber Boost Base Stabilizer

    Dr Dabber Boost Base Stabilizer

    You must know that this coaster is designed to be attached to the bottom and make it broad for more stability. It is resistible to friction. You only need to position the magnetic base upside down on your floor when installing. Place the stabilizer on top of it and press it using your heel. It will snap with a bit of pressure.


    The DAB LAB

    The DAB LAB

    The Dab Lab is specifically made to hold equipment for dabbing concentrates. This product is designed to print successfully on Elegoo mars without any supports because it has an easy orientation. Furthermore, it has dual wide cylinders for holding used and Q- tips cylinders. It features two pen holders style with holders for dab tools. Ensure you consider this product when looking for a 3D printed dab station.


    Dab kit tray

    Dab kit tray

    This product holds small ceramic containers or glasses of concentrates. Bear in mind that this device is designed around Cresco concentrates containers and the Yocan Magneto vaporizer. It also holds the scraper tool and the Yocan Magneto vaporizer that comes with your vaporizer.


    Db holder

    Db holder

    Most people love this particular product because it has the potential of holding a preloaded tool without having to lean on anything or even make a mess. Therefore, if you are looking for a 3D printed dab station holder, do not miss out on this product.



    The dab mat has the potential of fitting 2 45mm dab containers. Similarly, it fits multiple dab tools and a 4 x 5-inch non-stick silicone mat. It has an infill of 20% and delivers outstanding performance.


    In Summary

    Whenever you talk about cannabis, its concentrates hits the entire discussion since it is high on demand. Remember, cannabis is exhilarating and potent. An excellent way to try out its concentrates is via dabbing. In addition, a concentrated version of your favorite herb is a perfect way of enjoying your cannabis. A little dose will enable you to experience potent psychoactive effects.

    Most dry herbs are usually vaporized or smoked. However, concentrates need a unique approach called dabbing. Therefore, you will require a few unique accessories and basic knowledge of what these accessories can do.

    But first, you have to understand that dabs are concentrated doses of cannabis. These doses are initiated using a solvent to extract the plants’ activeness into a concentrated form. To enjoy your dabbing, you must have a 3D printed dab station.

    This post has updated you on the 13 3D printed dab stations. Therefore, ensure that you go through some of the best top-quality selections and choose a budget-friendly and efficient product. This will help you enjoy your smoking sessions without any worries.

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