6+ 3D Printed Headphone Stands Ideas

    3D Printers6+ 3D Printed Headphone Stands Ideas


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    Headphone stands are perfect for keeping your valuable headphones safe from harm while minimizing clutter with their minimal design that is barely noticeable until you need it. You’ll also want to display your headphones anyway to show them off, and a headphone stand gives you the perfect opportunity to do so.

    Making One From Wood!

    3D printing wood can make some stunning creations!

    While a wide variety of headphones stands out, most of them are expensive and don’t look as cool as some 3D Printed models look. The idea of 3D-printed headphone stands has picked up the pace in the past couple years, and there are some impressive 3D printed headphone ideas out there already. Some are people have created the perfect 3D printed headphone stand that you can customize to fit any size or style of headphone while also being sturdy enough to keep your headphones safe through everyday use. Check out these STL files if you want to print your own.

    What is a 3D Printed Headphone Stand?

    3D printed headphone stand is a simple, minimalistic yet functional design meant to hold your headphones. 3D printing has gained some popularity in recent years because it can create custom designs of all kinds while also affordable. The idea behind this headphone stand is to look out of the ordinary but still be reasonable since it will be 3D printed.

    It’s not that difficult to create your headphone stand, even if you have no experience working with CAD or 3D modeling. You need to have an idea for the design and then search online for free tutorials on making it real. It will take time and effort but is worth it in the end.

    Many websites offer 3D printing services, and they range in price depending on how intricate you want your headphone stand to be. They also differ in choices of material because not all 3D printers can handle all materials. So you’ll need to do some research before choosing where to get your stand printed out.

    3D printing has opened up entirely new possibilities for creating things, especially when creating something that will fit your specific wants and needs. The most significant benefit of 3D printing has complete freedom to build anything you can imagine.

    3D printing allows you to do this because you can create a headphone stand with an opening at the bottom for easy access. That way, your headphones will never have any trouble being inserted or taken out, plus it saves space by not having any added bulkiness.

    Another great thing about designing your headphone stand is making it either portable or stationary. You can create one that will fit into your backpack, just in case you need to take them with you somewhere. Then some models have a simple tabletop design, so they’ll sit nicely on any surface without taking much space.

    Cool 3D Printed Headphone Plans

    3D printed headphone stands are great ideas for keeping your headphones safe while also putting them on display. With their minimal designs, these 3D printed headphone stands are perfect for anyone looking to show off their favorite pair of headphones in a stylish way that doesn’t take up too much space. Here are top best and trendy 3D printed headphone stand already available in 2021:

    1. yagen3dprinting 3D Printed headphone stand

    The 3D headphone stand is a simple yet stylish 3D printed headphone stand that can hold onto your headphones to keep them safe while also letting you show them off. The design itself is simple but looks great with its sleek white color and smooth surface. It will fit any headphones, so this stand should work just fine whether you have large over-ear studio monitoring headphones or small earbuds. You can buy it here.

    2. livedream3d 3D Printed Headphone Stand

    The T7 headphone stand is another simple and stylish custom 3D printed headphone holder with a sleek white color and a smooth surface to keep your headphones safe. This one is more of a complex curved L-shaped design with a beehive design. It looks great and holds on to your headphones firmly, so they don’t slip off and break. It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for headphones that stand above the ordinary.

    3. trikon.tech 3D Printed Headphone Stand & Phone Holder

    Simple but practical is what trikon.tech has designed. This 3D printed headphone stand doesn’t take up too much space while keeping your valuable pair of headphones and a smartphone or tablet safe from harm. It’s built with high-quality ABS plastic for extra durability, but its sleek red color makes it look attractive with lots of background colors. It’s something that will always keep your table organized and decorate it a bit.

    4. empikaydi 3D Printed Headphone Stand

    This 3D Printed Headphone Stand has the simplest design on the list. It’s highly practical and super easy to store; it does come apart, allowing you to store it. It looks great and has a simple design that keeps your headphones safe while also holding them up to show off. It’s a color that matches most interior décor. It’s something you might want to add to your table to organize it. It doesn’t take up too much space on your desk, and it’s an ideal way to show off your headphones simultaneously.

    5. xeprotodesign 3D Printed Headphone Stand

    Here is another stylish minimalist 3D printed headphone stand made by xeprotodesign. It’s a practical yet simple model you can use perfectly as a display as well as a protective holder for your headphones. It will surely add a unique splash of design to your desktop. It’s perfect for anyone looking to match their headphones or want a simple color to add to their decor. It has a triangular design and a wooden foot that brings out its unique nature.

    6. 3d.focus 3D Printed Headphone Stand

    It’s quite similar to the first model in the list, including the color. However, it’s more slanting. It has a sleek design, and the smooth finish is great for showing off any pair of wide-frame headphones. If you’re looking for something more fun and funky, this cool and simple headphone stand can look great on any proper setup. It’s a unique item for holding and keeping your headphones safe from harm.


    The 3D Printed Headphone Stand designs discussed above are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they can be an added conversation starter. Even though they are just models, they will be available soon. You can use either of them to display your headphone to organize your space, keep them safe from harm and catch the eye of peers and hopefully spark interest. You might want to print out a bong while enjoying your music!

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