3D Printed Fishing Lure Molds: 12+ Free Plans

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    Did you know that you can print your own fishing lures with molds? It’s true! You can use a 3D printer to create custom-shaped molds for all sorts of lures.

    This can be a great way to customize your tackle box, and it can also help you improve your fishing skills. Want to learn more? Keep reading!

    What Is a 3D Printed Lure Mold?

    A 3D printed lure mold is essentially just a specialized printing device that creates a replica of a model of any sort. In the case of fishing lures, they can help generate high-quality representations of three-dimensional objects.

    These molds can then be used to create handmade lures, ideal for commercial and recreational fishers alike!

    12 3d printed lure mold

    1. 2.5 Squarebill Crankbait

    A crankbait is one of my favorite topwater lures, and in some cases, it’s easier to fish than a jerk bait. You feel it by dragging it across the water at various speeds and depths. When done correctly, it produces an action that imitates baitfish being chased by predatory gamefish such as bass and pike.

    The bait itself can be constructed of plastic or metal and can come in either spoon or bullet shape. All shapes work well for crankbaits.

    2. Spinnerbaits

    These are also another excellent topwater bait. In particular, they can be very effective when targeting bass. I prefer spinnerbaits over crankbaits because they are so versatile.

    You can throw them slow and deep or fast and shallow.

    This bait has many different looks, depending on how you present it. The most common way is spinning it on one side of your line while letting out a slackline with your rod hand. Then quickly reel as soon as you feel any tension.

    This is what imitates a wounded fish being chased by its natural predators. Spinnerbaits come in various shapes: round, oval, and football-shaped with multiple color schemes such as black/blue (tricolor), chartreuse/white (calico), or just plain silver/chrome.

    3. Reaper Fishing Lure Open Pour Mold Various Reaper baits

    They are poured with our open pour molds and have achieved cult status for their ability to catch fish. Even if you have never heard of them, odds are you’ve seen them – we created over 100 custom-designed baits in just under four years, selling thousands of pours annually in retail stores across America.

    If you’re looking for something new and diverse from your average brand name plastic bait that other anglers will be envious of, then give these a try!

    4. Cuttlefish Reaper Fishing Lure Mold

    If you’re looking for a touch hard to find, then you’ve found it. The cuttlefish is one of nature’s best lures – small and streamlined for easy movement in the water, with an action that plastic baits can’t replicate.

    Only three or four companies on earth use genuine animal parts as bait molds (most other companies use plastic replicas), so if you want a bait that even serious tournament fishermen will ask about, then give these a try!

    5. Diy Tiroler H Lzl Fishing Weight Lead Sport & Outd

    Keep your tackle box at hand with our stylish selection of fishing lures, weights, and tackle boxes. Our extensive collection of fishing gear makes it easy to find everything you need for your next fishing trip, whether you’re going offshore or on an afternoon excursion at your local lake.

    6. Rattle Popper Fishing Lure

    The Rattle Popper lure is an excellent freshwater fishing lure that will bring in tons of bass. It can be used in conjunction with live bait or alone. You can even rig it like a jerk bait and make it swim erratically for incredible results.

    It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and looks realistic enough to catch any fish’s attention. Using one of these rigged fishing lures will guarantee you have a great time out on the water.

    7. Mini Reapers Soft Plastic Fishing Mold

    This is one of our favorite fishing molds because it comes with an endless supply of lures that you can create without continually buying new ones.

    This is made from ABS material, which is tough and durable, and we guarantee that these molds will last for years.

    They are all pre-colored, so there’s no need for you to worry about adding color later on or for worrying about paint flaking off during use.

    8. 5in fluke fork tail jerk bait molds

    5in fluke fork tail jerk bait molds

    In most cases, fluke fork tail jerk baits are made in injection molds or silicone molds. Injection-molded plastic is lighter than silicone and much more durable. It can withstand lots of pressure and punishment, typical when fishing for fluke.

    If you intend on trolling with your bait, you’ll want to use an injection-molded plastic lure mold.

    9. Triple Tail Grub Soft Plastic Injection Mold

    The Triple Tail Grub was designed as all-around big water, light cover, structure, and rip bait. Great for tournament anglers that need more fish attracting power without sacrificing hooking percentages.

    The profile is also perfect for casting heavy stick baits because of its weedless design, super slow fall rate, and insane vibration through even ultra heavy cover!

    10. Ribbit frog lure: kicker frog lure mold

    Kicker Frog Lures are made from 100% silicone. They are weedless and cast like a bullet with no line twist. Use as jerkbait, frog, buzz bait, or jig trailer.

    Ribbit frogs can also be rigged Texas-style on slip bobbers. You’ll catch more bass and panfish when fishing for big fish using kicker frog lures!

    11. Fat Bendo Fishing Lure Mold

    This lure mold makes your own fishing lures on demand. The lure mold comes with easy-to-use instructions that you can follow or create your own instructions if you are more experienced.

    The Fat Bendo Fishing Lure Mold comes in a variety of sizes depending on what kind of fish you’re going after and ranges from 1/2′′ to 2′′ pounds.

    Their tapers go up to 6′ long, perfect for catching bass or tuna. The molds come pre-painted for an added bonus, so there’s no need for unique paint jobs.

    12. Twist soft lure mold

    Lures for hard baits are usually solid because they don’t need flexibility. However, some lure designers apply silicone rubber onto plastic lures. If you want to manufacture such lures, twist soft lure mold is your best choice.

    You can design both small and large molds according to your requirements. The process of making them is pretty artless; all you have to do is put liquid polymers into cavities in the mold. After polymerization, you will get desired products from them.

    High-quality silicone material with flexible texture gives the flawless appearance and high durability for long time use.

    Summing Up

    Depending on what material you used for your design and print, cutting each piece might be as easy as using a box cutter or knife. However, if precision is essential, use sandpaper or other means of carefully smoothing off any rough edges.

    Having your own 3d printed lure mold can save you hundreds of dollars per year in lures and will certainly be more durable than anything you can buy at the store.

    If you are serious about bass fishing or catching other types of fish, consider making one yourself. This exhaustive guide will help you learn how to make a 3d printed lure mold from start to gloss, saving you time and money on this beneficial equipment investment.

    Designing the Lure Mold

    When designing your fishing lure, you want it to be as practical and durable as possible. Many anglers would use wooden molds to create their custom lures for years. More recently, however, some anglers have started using 3D-printed molds instead- and we’re here for it! 3D printing is revolutionizing semiconductors, 3d printed livers, and even 3d printed brains!

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