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    3D printing a knife is a great way to get a custom-made, one-of-a-kind knife. You can 3D print a knife with any design you want, and there are no limits to what you can do with 3D printing technology.

    3D printed knives are also extremely durable and can withstand heavy use, if you build it right with rugged filament. If you are looking for a custom knife, 3D printing is the way to go.

    One of the great benefits of 3-D printing is its versatility. You could use one make to print prototype models, generate medical tools, craft jewelry, and create replacement parts for your electronics.

    Creating a 3d printed knife is a great way to have a unique and personalized knife that is perfect for any occasion. Whether you need a knife for camping, hunting, or self-defense, creating your own 3d printed knife can be a great solution.

    There are many different ways to create a 3d printed knife. You can either purchase a 3d printer and create your own design, or you can find a pre-made design online. If you are creating your own design, it is important to make sure that the dimensions of the knife are correct so that it will print correctly.

    Once you have your design, you can then start printing your knife. It is important to use a high-quality 3d printer so that your knife comes out looking its best.

    10 Awesome 3D printed knives

    1. The Retractable Karambit Knife

    The Retractable Karambit Knife

    The retractable karambit knife features an open and closed position. Its design is a variation on the traditional Karambit, which has a blade that is partially exposed when its in the closed position and fully exposed when it is in the open position. The retraction mechanism allows it to fold back into and overlap itself when in its closed position.


    2. Knife Sharpening Tool V2.1

    Knife Sharpening Tool V2.1

    The knife sharpening tool is a simple and easy to use tool that can be used by anyone with a 3d printer. The design uses the abrasive effect of sandpaper along with the pressure applied to sharpen and hone your knife. There are slits in the sandpaper where you insert two metal rods to apply force, thereby creating a rubbing motion that sharpens or hones your blade.


    3. V2.0 pocket knife fully printable / Taschenmesser

    V2.0 pocket knife fully printable / Taschenmesser

    This fully printable pocket knife has been created with seven parts and a screw for attaching the handle and blade.


    4. Liner Lock Pocket Knife

    Liner Lock Pocket Knife

    This is a great DIY pocketknife made from a combination of ABS and PLA. Parts of this knife can be printed using 3D printing technology, but the blade and locking mechanism must be built using the traditional method of grinding metal together. The liner lock mechanism is a design that adds strength to the locking process, which can weaken from metal fatigue over time or when exposed to an excessive amount of force.


    5. Keychain Knife with a button

    Keychain Knife with a button

    This keychain knife has a very easy to use button that allows you to deploy and retract the blade when needed. The button is located on the inside of the knife handle and will allow you to easily deploy and close the knife at any time.


    6. Valorant Reaver Knife

    Valorant Reaver Knife

    This valorant reaver knife is a medieval fantasy design that has been printed in silver PLA material. The blade and handle are 3-D printed and fully interlocked, which makes it a very attractive design when it is finished. It features sharpened edges as well as a spear tip on the end of the handle.


    7. Folding Knife

    Folding Knife

    This folding knife features a titanium coating on the blade to protect it from wear and tear when in use. The design is a modified version of the popular liner-lock locking mechanism, which is an efficient way of securing the blade when in use.


    8. Butterly Knife / Balisong

    Butterly Knife / Balisong

    A balisong is a butterfly-style knife that has opened and closed into one piece of metal when the handles have been rotated 180 degrees. This makes it a design that can be used for over 20 different functions, which makes them great tools to carry with you at all times in case you need to use them.


    9. Faker knife (fixed)

    Faker knife

    In this design, the blade folds into the handle instead of opening from it. This is a more secure way to store your blade when not in use. The handle has a hole that allows you to attach it to your keychain or another surface so that you can make quick use of it when needed.


    10. 3d printed drag knife v0.2 (Utility Blade & 30º Snap-off Blade)

    3d printed drag knife v0.2

    The knife featured in this design has an added blade that can be used to snap off in a variety of different angles and positions, which allows you to cut with it in many different directions. The blade is made from high-carbon steel and is capable of being sharpened as well.


    How to 3D print a knife

    There are a few things you need to know before 3D printing a knife. First, you need to choose the right 3D printer. There are many different types of 3D printers on the market, and not all of them are suitable for printing knives.

    You need to make sure that you choose a 3D printer that is capable of printing with high precision and accuracy. Otherwise, your knife might not be as sharp or durable as you want it to be.

    Second, you need to choose the right material for your 3D printed knife. The most common material used for 3D printed knives is PLA plastic. PLA is a strong and durable material, but it is not as tough as other materials such as ABS plastic.

    If you are looking for a 3D printed knife that is going to be used for heavy duty tasks, then you should choose ABS plastic. However, if you just want a 3D printed knife for display purposes, then PLA plastic will be just fine.

    Third, you need to design your 3D printed knife. You can either design your own knife or find a 3D model of a knife online. If you are designing your own knife, then you need to make sure that the dimensions are correct and that the blade is the right size.

    Once you have designed your knife, you need to 3D print it.

    Fourth, you need to finish your 3D printed knife. Once your knife is 3D printed, you will need to sand it down and smooth out the edges. You can also polish your 3D printed knife to give it a nice shine. If you want, you can even add a handle to your 3D printed knife.

    3D printing a knife is a great way to get a custom-made, one-of-a-kind knife. You can 3D print a knife with any design you want, and there are no limits to what you can do with 3D printing technology.

    Popular types of knives to print

    1. Chef’s knife
    2. Butterfly knife
    3. Folding knife
    4. Pocket knife
    5. Tactical knife
    6. Survival knife

    Can you sell 3D-printed knives online?

    Yes, you can sell 3D-printed knives online. Just make sure that you follow all the legal regulations in your country or region. 3D printed knives are considered to be weapons in some countries, so it is important to check the laws before selling them.

    Etsy is a great place to start, as they allow 3D printed knives to be sold on their platform. You can also sell 3D printed knives on eBay, Amazon, or your own website.


    With the many different designs of 3d printed knives available, you can create a knife to suit any need that you have. Whether you need a utility blade for everyday use, or something for self-defense, designing your own knife will allow you to get exactly what you need.

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