3d Printed Joysticks: Innovative & Flexible Gaming Possibilities

    3D Printers3d Printed Joysticks: Innovative & Flexible Gaming Possibilities


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    3D printing technology is enabling the creation of unique objects that were once impossible to make. One example is the 3D-printed joystick. We’ve seen 3D printers produce custom shoes, bladders, fabric, and even a flamethrower, but we’re excited about this next project: a 3D-printed joystick. That’s right, there are open-source 3D printed joystick plans that you can print and customize to make your gaming experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

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    A Great Example

    After he amused us with the 3D-printed joystick and throttle, that spanned an Xbox One controller into a hands-on throttle-and-stick setup (DIY HOTAS), YouTuber Akaki Kuumeri is back with another advanced version that is compatible with the PS4’S DualShock 4 controller. With this version, there’s the preference of having two joysticks and no throttle, with additional thumbsticks and triggers for pressing the controller’s buttons and triggers.

    The newly added triggers are well suited for playing combat shuttle games such as the brand spanking new Star Wars Squadrons, where the triggers become handy in bringing down the enemy ships. Both of the joysticks’ buttons and triggers use lengths of string for pressing the controller’s buttons, a feature that Kuumeri admits to being a bit flimsy.

    More Designs

    If you have an interest in giving the new design a shot, then Kuumeri’s new design is accessible to download on Thingiverse. Those players that are not into flying combat-like games are welcome to use the other versions that come with a throttle or without triggers for non-shooters, the alternative designs can be at the Xbox 360 controller, and Nintendo Switch Pro controller. As much as there’s a no-trigger-equipped version made for the Xbox controller, Kuumeri’s asserts that he’s open to making one if there’s demand.

    The design versions are unlikely to rival the dependability and demeanor of a standalone flight stick, However, they could provide a pleasurable enhancement over a normal standard controller, if you intended to play a flight battle game once in a while.

    3D printing technology is a handy, innovative, and inexpensive way to create prototypes, toys and a variety of useful household items. One example is these joysticks for video games- great for gamers that want to customize their approach to gaming. Check out some of the best 3D printers if you want to begin customizing your own game controllers!