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    3D printing has revolutionized the way we create and produce objects- including 3D printed musical instruments.

    3D printers can print just about anything you can imagine, including guitars. 3D printing a guitar is a great way to show off your creative skills, and it’s also a fun project to do with friends or family.

    You can customize your 3D printed guitar to look however you want it to, and you can even choose the color, material, and finish.

    3D printing a guitar is a great way to get involved in the 3D printing community, and it’s also a great way to learn about this incredible technology.

    3D Printed Guitar Project Plans

    1. The Black Widow 3D Printed guitar

    The Black Widow 3D Printed guitar

    This guitar was designed in MeshLab or a 3D studio. Then later, it was printed on the Robo 3D R1 using minimal support. However, before printing, the design was split into six pieces to enable it to print on Robo 3D R1.

    Bear in mind that its centerpieces are printed with an infill of 100% to enhance their stability, while other pieces are printed using 60% infill. After printing, this guitar is undergoing a bit of modification to combine all electronic pieces. Therefore, when you get it, there is no doubt you will modify it to suit your taste.


    2. Steel String Acoustic Guitar

    Steel String Acoustic Guitar

    It feels great to print your guitar, and if you have sufficient time, feel free to create one. This type of guitar requires a big printer of at least 285 by 285mm with the entire parts printed with 0.2mm layers in PLA and a width of 0.4mm to allow its wall to print perfectly.

    When it comes to its neck, use an infill of 35%and four perimeters. Sides and top prints should be three pieces, 3 pieces back prints, fretboard, and neck, featuring two pieces each. Then glue together all neck and body parts.


    3. Electric Guitar

    Electric Guitar

    Most people refer to it as a fully 3D printed electric guitar because it features cavities that suit the EMG pickup set. Furthermore, it has a Strandberg guitar shape with modifications. You must have screws to assemble all its parts.


    4. SG style playable electric guitar

    SG style playable electric guitar

    This guitar has been in the industry, and now it is more advanced due to several improvements, such as additional air escape holes to enhance its rod assembly and structure.

    It also has added Bigsby mount braces, re-sized control holes, built-in Gotoh holes, adjusted intonation, re-aligned pickups, and significantly enhanced structural strength. Even before upgrading, this guitar was still excellent.


    5. 3D Printed Functional Electric Guitar Project

    It has taken a lot of effort and hours to develop such a beautiful guitar. Bear in mind that this product was limited to resources, but it is an aesthetic and functional electric guitar featuring a Les Paul style.

    With this device, you will be able to enhance your CAD skills and learn to assimilate 3D printed designs using electronics and hardware to develop 3D musical instruments that are functional.


    6. AMGP (Adapto Modular Guitar Pro) 3D Printable Guitar

    AMGP (Adapto Modular Guitar Pro) 3D Printable Guitar

    A guitar featuring one design can never be sufficient since when playing rock concerts, there is a high possibility you will love to appear as hard rock and make good use of a flying crotch design.

    This guitar incorporates an Armchair model because it is not easy to play guitar while sitting down. You need to be keen about the events you would love to perform.


    7. MaxSus Guitar

    MaxSus Guitar

    It is a minimal guitar incorporating maximum sustain. This musical instrument achieves sustain with the hybrid approach, which is excellent like multiple professional guitars. Furthermore, it has open files to allow for experimentation and modifications.


    8. Polycaster – 3D Printed Guitar

    Polycaster - 3D Printed Guitar

    It has six body pieces glued together. Moreover, its middle part used 100% infill when printing, while the rest of the other parts used the remaining filament roll. You can confidently print a whole guitar with a single roll of filament. Remember, some parts of this guitar require support.


    9. LeStratocaster Guitar

    LeStratocaster Guitar

    This mixed guitar has a combination of two legendary guitars, primarily Les Paul and Stratocaster. Therefore, when using it, remember to share your videos and pictures.


    10. Baco PG-2 – 3D Printed Guitar

    Baco PG-2 - 3D Printed Guitar

    Baco PG-2- 3D Printed Guitar has a black PLA printing printed with a less costly 3D printer, like 3DRAG on a building platform of 200 by 200 by 200. It uses an infill of 18% and requires support. Additionally, it delivers an outstanding performance.


    11. Telecaster Thinline Guitar and Stand

    Telecaster Thinline Guitar and Stand

    This guitar is a remix of MalinlPI beautiful Telecaster model. However, it has a scale-down of 25%, which explains why a thin line body has been added. Without much ado, the guitar stand has a scale and modification of rogei.


    How to 3D print a guitar

    3d printing a guitar is a great way to get the perfect instrument for your needs. You can 3d print a guitar body, neck, and headstock to get the perfect fit and shape for your playing style. You can also choose the materials you want to use for your 3d printed guitar parts. 3d printing gives you the freedom to design and customize your guitar to your exact specifications.

    1. Choose your 3D printer and materials
    2. Design your guitar parts in a 3D modeling program.
    3. Export your 3D models as STL files.
    4. Prepare your 3D printer and print your guitar parts.
    5. Assemble your 3D printed guitar parts and enjoy your new 3D printed guitar!

    Tips for 3D printing a guitar

    • 3D print your guitar parts in the same material to avoid mismatched colors.
    • Use supports when 3D printing complex shapes to prevent warping or deformities.
    • 3D print multiple copies of each part to test different designs or materials.
    • 3D print your guitar parts at a high resolution for the best results.

    What filament to use?

    PLA is the recommended 3D printing filament for 3D printed guitar parts. PLA is a strong and stiff material that can be sanded and painted to achieve a smooth finish. ABS is another 3D printing filament that can be used for 3D printed guitar parts.

    However, ABS is not as strong as PLA and may require post-processing steps such as sanding and painting to achieve a smooth finish.

    What 3D printer to use?

    We recommend using a 3D printer with a large build volume for 3D printed guitars. The Creality CR-10 S5 is a great 3D printer for 3D printed guitars with a build volume of 500 x 500 x 500 mm. The 3D printer should also have a heated bed to prevent warping of 3D printed guitar parts.

    How to design 3D printed guitar parts?

    You can design 3D printed guitar parts in any 3D modeling program such as Autodesk Fusion 360, Solidworks, or Blender. 3D printed guitar parts can be designed as solid objects or as hollow shells.

    3D printed guitar parts can also be 3D printed with supports to prevent warping or deformities. Popular types of guitar parts include the body, neck, headstock, and pickguard.

    Can you 3D print an acoustic guitar?

    Yes, you can 3D print an acoustic guitar. 3D printed acoustic guitars have been 3D printed with a variety of 3D printers and 3D printing filaments. 3D printed acoustic guitars can be 3D printed with supports to prevent warping or deformities.


    A guitar is a musical instrument loved by many people and found in many homes. However, nowadays, people have advanced their hobby by investing in 3D-printed guitars. Nothing makes your music interesting like playing it on a musical instrument you have manufactured yourself.

    Are you a fan of guitars? If so, try the 3D-printed guitars featured in this article to enhance your skills in playing and making your guitar. Remember, the experience of playing music on an instrument you have created yourself is incredible. This comprehensive post will assist you in settling on the best 3D-printed guitar.

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