3D Printed Boats: News, Pics, Stunning Promise

    3D Printers3D Printed Boats: News, Pics, Stunning Promise


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    3D printing is the process of creating a physical object from an electronic file. The file is usually created by a 3D modeling program, and tells the printer how to print each layer of the manufacturing process.

    3D printers can create anything as long as they have the right design and enough material. Usually, 3D printers use plastic or metal to create their products. There are some companies that use 3D printers for business to print in materials like concrete, glass, rubber, etc., but this is more expensive than plastic or metal.

    3D printers can be used for many purposes- printing completely functional boats. Some people use them to prototype new inventions before they are mass-produced by machines, while some people use them for art projects, shoes, joysticks, or even crystals.

    Cool Designs

    The Mambo 3D-Printed Fiberglass Boat By MOI Composites

    MOI Composites

    Watch The Mambo Get Printed

    The Ri.Se 3D Boat

    Emil Johnson and the Research Scientist Additive Manufacturing program at Ri.Se research in Sweden has demonstrated how to make a 3D boat that will be able to be taken out on the water. This is showing how 3D printers are making large-sized items including boats and how they are functional.

    This 3D motorboat was tested on the Swedish coast in the middle of December. The event was held live and the boat was able to stay on the water. It has taken many years to make this possible but it did happen.

    The boat was made in one piece with modern technology. It took Andres Spaak several years to develop this. The project was funded by Vinnova and the Swedish Energy Agency.

    The boat is the newest of many projects that have begun several years ago. The marine industry finally saw that technology may be able to help them out and began the planning phase.

    Livera Yacht began the phototype for this boat. A 3D design was used for the newest yacht model.

    Prototype to 3D Boat

    A 3D printing model was made for a boat based on AM prototyping and this new design. Livera develop a robotic extrusion device that was able to make a 3D printed hill with support from Autodesk and Lehvoss.

    The 3D-printed hull was successful but there was another project that overshadowed it. In the United States at the University of Maine, a 3D printer was used to make an entire 3D boat that set world records. This boat was made using Cartesian and a carbon filter for reinforcement.

    After this, the MAMBO was made. This was the first full-function 3D boat. It was made with fiber composite and was made by the Composites company. The boat had a fiberglass composite thermostat material to keep it running.

    MAMBO is the fiber that has been used to print the 3D boats.

    The ability to print a boat without having to spend the time or the money to build one is having a big impact on the boating industry. There are many benefits to this. The 3D technology will also help out marine manufacturing.

    The Thermwood company has been making 3 D area of 51-foot yachts but they were doing this in several sessions.


    These were test molds made from carbon that was tempered and then reinforced. The ABS material was chosen for this test because it is strong and lower cost than some other options.

    3Dirigo Has Entered The Fray

    An Indian company called 3Dirigo actually holds the Guinness World Records for the world’s largest 3D printed boat.

    Watch It Get Printed

    On Demand Printing

    The 3D printing of boats both large and small is allowing the marine business to print boats and boat parts on-demand, like propellers. This is becoming a business that is going to be booming

    The larger 3D printers that are capable of making boats can also make some spare parts. New technology is able to make these parts and they are more durable. A firm from Singapore is also making their metal and combining it with 3D printing technology so that they can make these boats quickly and at a lesser price. They are working with the different industries and segments in the industries to help make these parts. An Australian company is using kinetic consolidation including cold blowing power and 3D metal technology to help out the Navy. They are making spare boat parts for the Australian Navy.

    A bar of aluminum bronze is being used to help make these boats with Spee3D technology.

    This is just the beginning. Some larger firms are looking to produce mass spare boat parts. They are looking to keep them in a warehouse as part of their supply while others are looking to make them part of an on-demand population. When a person needs a boat part the company will be able to print it right away.

    The marine industry has seen many ups and downs over the past several decades. This 3D printing is enhancing customer experience and making ships big again. There is now a need for vessel fleet managers and AM production service workers to help make these boat parts.

    Companies all around the world are looking to develop this technology. DNV GL based out of Norway is looking to use 3D printers to make maritime applications and they are awaiting approval. They are looking to continue to expand the business and make more parts for boats with 3D printers.

    3D to Scale

    Maritime industries are introducing 3D technology so that they can prepare larger parts of boats and so they can being to assemble larger pieces. They are using this 3D technology to make boats up to scale and make them visually stunning. There are now boat models being created and the marine industry is hoping they will become mainstream shortly.

    RC Jet Boats

    There are also fun, toy boats you can 3D print- great for enthusiasts to custom spec their hobbyist creations.

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