3D Printing Chocolate: Everything You Need To Know

    3D Printers3D Printing Chocolate: Everything You Need To Know


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    • While traditional chocolate uses molds, 3d printing offers a new level of customization and creativity when it comes to designing your own chocolate creations
    • 3D printed chocolate can be made in any shape or size, and with any design you can imagine
    • The way it works, Cocoa butter and chocolate powder are combined and melted into a liquid form
    • This mixture is then placed into a 3D printer and extruded in the desired shape. The chocolate hardens quickly, so you can enjoy your delicious creation right away!
    • One popular startup option is Cocoa Press- check out their $10,000 chocolate printer!
    • Some other popular 3D chocolate printers include the FoodBot, the WiiBoox Sweetin, the mycusini, and the Mmuse Touchscreen Chocolate 3D printer

    The 3D printing chocolate process

    It follows the typical process:

    1. Design or download the 3D CAD chocolate model – you’ll need an STL file
    2. Then you have to import the model into a 3D slicer
    3. Finally print on your chocolate 3D printer

    This is a fun 3D printing project, up there with 3D printed gear cubes, moon lamps and chess boards!

    Some deliciously gorgeous chocolate designs

    Lattice work

    Weird-looking pastries

    Anime/action figures?


    Yes, you can even 3D print sculptures!

    What is a 3d chocolate printer?

    A 3d chocolate printer is a printer designed to produce chocolate prototypes. It builds up layers of chocolate that have been hand-crafted by developers and engineers, who are usually gifted with a palate. The device won’t make you sick or give you cavities like some other printers may be able to, and it produces much more edible material than its rivals. They’re even 3D printing McDonald’s burgers now!

    How does it work?

    1) The device takes a feeding tube and into the bottom of this tube are inserted solid chocolate creations. The pieces are then mechanically pushed into the top of a heated tray where they begin to melt as they travel up, drop by drop. The printer has been designed for easy use and can be operated with a single touch on its touchscreen control pad.

    2) Before printing, the machine is calibrated with the color that the user wants to print in, whether it be white, brown, or any other. The machine works by heating the tray and melting the chocolate, which then drips down into the gap and begins to solidify.

    3) When the printing is finished, users can either take the result out of the tray manually, or they can use a lever to push it out into a waiting container.

    4) The printer is also able to make images by printing out two different colors of chocolate, thereby creating two-tone items. This means that users are now able to create complex images from scratch if they choose to do so.

    5) Alongside this, there is also an additional silver dye available for use with the printer so that users can add color to their creations.

    Benefits of 3d chocolate printers

    Chocolate 3D printers offer a unique and delicious way to create customized chocolate treats. With this technology, you can make any shape or design you can imagine.

    3D printed chocolate is also a great way to make personalized gifts for your friends and family. You can even use it to make corporate gifts or promotional items.

    If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to make unique and delicious chocolate treats, try a chocolate 3D printer.

    1) Easy customization

    Users are no longer required to sit there and wait for hours for their creation to be created. The printer can do most of the work itself, giving users plenty of time to lounge comfortably and get a tan! Further, the printer is easy to use and only requires you to press a single button to begin your printing, meaning even first-time users will be able to get their hands on the finished product in a matter of minutes.

    2) Higher quality

    The printer can produce chocolate parts that are almost as good as the real thing. It achieves this by using better ingredients, which, in turn, produces a much better end product for the user. The printer uses double-strength chocolate, which is 26% stronger than a standard chocolate bar.

    3) Cost efficiency

    The printer is much cheaper than some of its rivals, which makes it an even more appealing proposition as a purchase. It is possible to print out the same item with 40% less chocolate. The machine generates around 100 pieces at a time, meaning that users will be able to save a significant amount of money by using it regularly.

    4) Durability

    As well as being able to produce higher-quality parts than some rivals, the actual printer is significantly more durable than some of its counterparts and will likely last for an average of five years or more.

    5) Practicality

    As well as being quite practical, the printer is also quite portable and can be folded up for storage or transported around. This makes it ideal for use in work environments and teams. In addition, the machine is extremely easy to clean, which makes it suitable for use in areas where hygiene may be an issue.

    6) Reliable

    The machine is almost completely silent when operating and is extremely reliable, so users will not be in any danger of the machine breaking down mid-project. This will make it ideal for use in work environments and also makes it feasible for users to start up printing at any time.

    7) Versatility

    The printer can be used to print a variety of things, including chocolate, simple designs, text, and even images. This means that the machine is useful for many different applications and can be used anywhere or anytime.

    Drawbacks of 3d chocolate printers

    1) Lack of color options

    The chocolate is only available in white, dark, and milk chocolate varieties and cannot be altered by users when used. This could be seen as a drawback to some, although many users will not find this to be an issue. Further, the machine will print out both dark and white chocolate at the same time, meaning that you can create a two-tone product if required.

    2) Not for everyone

    Some users may find that the printer does not suit their needs. This is because the machine is not able to print out things like doughnuts, cakes, or other foods which the average user will find useful. For those who need more flexibility, there are other options available.

    3) Limited ingredients

    One of the main drawbacks of the printer is that it is limited in terms of what materials it can use. There are only two types of chocolate available for use and no other ingredients. This means that users will not be able to create as many different styles or as many different products with their printer as they will be able to if they choose a different option.

    4) Printer malfunctions

    The machine has been known to stop working mid-printing at times, which can be a real pain for the user. This is why it is a good idea to only use the printer on rare occasions and to ensure that it is well maintained. This will ensure that you will have a much more rewarding experience using the printer in the long run.

    The future of 3d chocolate printers

    The future for 3d chocolate printers is extremely positive. 3D Systems has already begun to expand the printer’s capabilities by adding new ingredients and additional tools which will be available for use shortly to help make it even better than before.

    Users of these printers have also already been able to make completely new creations by combining the printer with a chocolate molding machine, which allows them to make products like sculptures, figurines, and other items which they hadn’t previously been able to produce in chocolate.

    3d chocolate printers have become a popular option for many users and it is clear to see why. The machines can produce professional-quality parts at a fraction of the cost and are, therefore, an extremely cost-effective purchase.





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