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    I spend a lot of time on my laptop. I work from home and like moving around the home and working from different spots- like the kitchen table.

    The only problem with that is that it has a surface that can’t be used as a desk and it is too low for me to comfortably type.

    I was looking for an alternative because I knew that sitting at the kitchen table wasn’t going to work for me in the long run.

    That’s when I found out about 3D printed laptop stands and how they can be used to customize and create an ergonomic workspace.

    This is the one I made:


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    It was perfect because it solved both of my problems: it gave me enough space to type comfortably and it elevated my laptop so I could work without straining my neck or back.

    3D printing has many uses, but it can also improve your workspace. For many of us, having a computer setup that is neat, tidy, and ergonomic is essential.

    Many laptops stand in the maker community to have cool design features, such as adjustable screen and keyboard positioning, portability, unobstructed vents for cooling, and many others.

    3D Printed Laptop Stands

    1. Clean and simple

    3D Printed Laptop Stand

    Intuitive yet sturdy, this laptop stand is perfect for your laptop computer. The design gives the laptop some height, which can be useful if you’re trying to get out of your chair and have a high desk or a few books underneath.

    Although the stand was originally designed for a MacBook Pro with a 13-inch screen, it works just as well with other 13- and 15-inch laptops. Printing with 10% infill at a 0.3-mm layer height is recommended by the designer. This print does not require any support.

    View here

    2. Pocketable

    It’s so small; it’ll easily slip into your pocket or purse. The design incorporates a hinge-like mechanism that allows it to be folded back on itself to save space.

    For convenience, you may need to print two of these gadgets: one for each side of the laptop. The designer advises printing at 0.1-mm resolution with 30% infill. This print does not require any support.

    3. Geometric

    keeps your laptop elevated

    This laptop stands in the form of a geometric grid that keeps your laptop elevated while you work. Printed multiple times, this is a large design with two distinct parts.

    Because of its heat resistance, ABS plastic and a 25% infill are the printer’s preferred materials, according to the designer. In theory, PLA and other plastic filaments should work just as well in this situation.

    View here

    4. Adjustable

    Some people believe that sitting is the new smoking. Creating your custom-printed laptop stand is an excellent way to break this bad habit. The adjustable stand can accommodate any angle or height.

    Several adjustable parts, some 3D printed and some purchased, are connected to achieve the model’s flexibility. Extrusions are used in the design, and the maker recommends printing the parts with a 100% infill to get the best strength.

    5. Fulcrum

    raise your laptop at an angle

    A fulcrum is used to raise your laptop at an angle on the stylish laptop stand. Underneath, it’s important to make room for vents, which will help keep things cool. Slicing the design with the filleted surface facing up will allow you to print it without any supports.

    In addition, printing at a layer height of 0.15 and an infill percentage of 20% is suggested.

    View here

    6. Foldable

    This is Foldable

    As the name implies, this laptop stand folds up, which saves you space in your bag. For example, it can hold a laptop, tablet or smartphone in addition to other gadgets.

    Using four hinges, the stand folds into a compact shape. Furthermore, cooling is more effective because it does not cover the entire bottom of the device.

    This design features a print-in-place feature, which adds a unique twist. A 25 per cent infill is needed, and there is no need for any supports to hold this design together.

    View here

    7. Unobstructed

    Even though laptop stands can improve your workspace, some can impede your computer’s ports and cooling mechanisms. Exactly to avoid that issue, we created this small laptop stand.

    USB, SD card, and other ports can be accessed through the simple design. In addition, it raises the laptop’s back end, allowing plenty of room for cooling beneath it. Printing this should be a cinch.

    It has a straightforward design with no small details or printing supports. Using three shells is recommended by the designer.

    8. Minimalist

    A good laptop stand that doesn’t use a lot of filament would be ideal. If you need a stand that can accommodate a wide range of laptop sizes while consuming minimal filament, this one is for you.

    Design elements that should be printed multiple times include two separate parts. Also included for extra support are two standard-sized pencils. Aside from that, this print is rated as easy and doesn’t call for any additional materials.

    9. Repositionable

    This is repositionable

    To see the colours more clearly or simply for a better view, many people spend a lot of time adjusting their computer’s viewing angle to find the ideal one. Thanks to this laptop stand that can be adjusted, the struggle is over: Angles can be set in one of 12 ways.

    Allows the user to adjust the angle and position of their laptop using a ratchet system. Also, no ports are blocked so that you can plug in all of your wires as usual.

    This model is made up of four distinct components. According to the designer, a 15% infill and a 0.3-mm resolution are recommended for this model. Printing the intricate parts should be straightforward as long as you keep the print speed low.

    View here

    10. Elevated

    Having to sit for eight hours every day can be taxing. This DIY laptop stand allows you to work standing up. In addition, the design incorporates a slight angle that, depending on your posture, may make typing more comfortable.

    The parts should be printed with a high infill percentage to ensure their structural integrity. Otherwise, the renderings appear simple enough for a straightforward print job.

    You’ll need to purchase additional parts like rods, nuts, and washers besides the four printed parts for assembly. The full list of cults can be found on the website.

    11. Axis

    Can raise your laptop at an angle

    A fulcrum is used to raise your laptop at an angle on the stylish laptop stand. Underneath, it’s important to make room for vents, which will help keep things cool. Slicing the design with the filleted surface facing up will allow you to print it without any supports.

    In addition, printing at a layer height of 0.15 and an infill percentage of 20% is suggested.

    View here

    12. Portable

    It can easily fit in a pocket with no problem. The design can be folded back on itself like a hinge to save on storage space when not in use.

    One for each side of the laptop will have to be printed to save printing time. The designer recommends printing at 0.1-mm resolution and 30% infill. You don’t have to use any support for this print.

    13. Repositioning


    Capable of repositioning easily, this model is cool when in bed, standing, or even sitting on a couch. You can reposition with ease.

    View here

    A laptop stand is a great way to make sure that your laptop is in the right position and it will not overheat. Using a laptop stand also provides you with more workspace and makes you more comfortable when using your computer.

    If you’re working on a laptop, check out the best laptops for 3D printing and build a stand for it!

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