What To Do With An Old 3D Printer? [7+ Options]

    3D PrintersWhat To Do With An Old 3D Printer?


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    • Consider donating it to a local school
    • Maybe upgrade the parts to make it more up-to-date (here’s how)
    • You can also convert it to a laser engraver (here’s how)

    It’s a sad day when your old 3d printer finally gives up the ghost and quits working. But before you toss it in the trash, consider all of the other things that you could do with it.

    You could turn it into a new printer, use it as a computer power supply, or make it into a lamp or other item.

    If none of those ideas appeal to you, then you can always combine it with different technologies to create something completely new. So don’t despair if your old 3d printer stops working – there are still plenty of ways to put it to good use!

    3D printing was introduced in the late 1980s. 3D printers are a type of rapid prototyping or rapid manufacturing device: they use computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, and similar tools to make three-dimensional solid objects from digital models.

    These objects can be of almost any shape or geometry and are produced using digital model data from a 3D model or another electronic data source such as an Additive Manufacturing File (AMF) or a 3D printer exchange format (3MF).

    What to do with an old 3d printer

    old 3d printer

    First, you need to study the following points to determine what to do with an old 3d printer:

    • Whether 3d printer is still working or not?
    • Whether the power cord is included or not? (It is common that the power cord is not included)
    • Whether it’s a USB cord or a power supply etc.
    • If it’s with the 2.5D or 3.5D etc.
    • Whether it’s with the supporting software or not?
    • Whether it’s with the program disk or not? (necessary for installation)
    • Whether the parts can be changed or not? (If can, which parts are used for repair)
    • Whether the parts are broken or not? (Because some chips can be broken, but the printer itself can still work.)

    Repurpose into a new printer

    Most old 3d printers are hard drives, which is the engine of 3d printers. The engine is used to control the positioning of the print head and will move around to the position you need. If you can use this part, then turn it into a new printer. After all, it’s just wasting space in your home.

    Make it a lamp or other item

    This is an interesting idea that turns your old 3d printer into a new lamp for your home or office. The lamp is printed with a 3D printer that is similar to 3D printers on television or in computer games.

    The lamp is made of the same materials that are used in modern electronics such as plastic or glass. The printer prints different materials depending on the pattern.

    Where do you need it?

    If you think that your old 3d printer is still working, then you can use it again or make it a new lamp for your home or office. But if you want to release it, then you can make it a new lamp or other items.

    Combination of different technologies

    This is an old 3d printer that generated a lot of excitement and interest among people. The machine, which is called the “Curator”, combines the format of 3D printing with conventional techniques of paper cutting, scissors, and other tools to achieve a distinctive style of decoration for denim products, jackets, bags, etc.

    Using it as a computer power supply

    If you do not use the printer in your own home or office, then you can use it as a computer power supply. Some home and office computers require a special power supply for their operation.

    Using it as a computer power supply

    You can take the original parts of an old 3d printer and change them into one that fits your home or office with the use of a universal power adapter and other electronic components.

    Using it as a heater or air conditioner

    If the old 3d printer contains a heat exchanger or air conditioning system, you can use it as a heater or air conditioner. Many homes and offices need such equipment to cool the rooms or at night. So you can use that device to create a such function by yourself.

    Turning it into a baby bottle warmer

    Some people are getting old and have kids. There are many moms who find that their baby’s milk is not warm enough for them to drink it. You can use the old 3d printer to warm your baby’s milk and give your baby warm food, instead of just warming up the bottle. So you can use the old 3d printer to accomplish that.

    I had an old 3D printer that I wasn’t using, so I decided to upcycle it into a laser engraver. I started by removing the extruder and hot end from the printer. I then installed a laser module in its place. I also installed a power supply, laser driver, and cooling system in the printer. I then wrote some software to control the laser engraver. I was able to use my old 3D printer to create a new laser engraver that could be used to engrave different materials.