The Elegoo Mega 2560 Arduino Starter Kit: [It’s Magic!]

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    Electronics is not as difficult as you might think, especially with the Elegoo MEGA 2560 Starter Kit. For expert lab engineers, electronic major students, and professional hobbyists developing Arduino projects, this kit may be used to carry out a variety of tests and investigations using all of the available sensors.

    elegoo mega 2560

    source: @jose_l_leon

    • The Elegoo Mega 2560 kit is a great place to start for 3D printing beginners who want to learn about Arduino, DIY robotics, microcontrollers, and enhance your programming talents
    • Another buyer recommended it, saying that it might be the coolest thing he ever purchased, especially since he already owned a Raspberry Pi, and was searching for something to get him started in understanding the operating and programming environment.
    • It ships with everything you’d need to start operating with Arduino programming and simple circuits.
    • While the programming guide could be better translated, you’ll be able to work through all of the projects once you grasp the basics
    • The Mega 2569 DIY KIt will get you introduced to the most straightforward control functions, then slowly get more difficult as you work your way through the sensors- motion sensor, RFID, keypad, audio,  motors, LED’s, temperature, humidity, light, remote control, distance, and even seven segment displays
    • Redditors say that it’s all there in its entirety with sufficient resistors, diodes, capacitors, transistors, to guarantee you have everything you need to finish every project
    • Everything is in a well-organized plastic case, so it’s easy to keep together, even if my wife did complain a little about the extra clutter on the dining room table…
    • In one Reddit thread, a veteran 3D printer said that the ELEGOO kits have been around since before, and they recommended going with the well equipped ELEGOO kit vs the official Arduino kit (Source)
    • Be sure to go to the official ELEGOO download page ad get the zip file with the libraries for the sensors, some instructions on how to get started with the IDE, and a novice’s guide for various projects suited to your kit

    Getting Started Fast

    We found a great, fast getting started guide from Reddit:

    1. Discover a little about Arduino programming language
    2. Run the Arduino – Hello World example
    3. Know Arduino – Code Structure
    4. Run some of these Arduino examples
    5. Modify examples
    6. If encountering any problem, google it.
    7. If googling does not crack the problem, ask on Arduino forum or here on the arduino subreddit

    The Kit Itself

    Both quantity and quality are essential qualities in Elegoo MEGA 2560 starter kit. The most important components in this kit are the MEGA 2560 controller board and expansion board, which is a great clone with an excellent product finish for Arduino projects.

    It is a great kit to get started with microcontrollers. You will be able to experiment with digital and analog signals. Analog to digital converters. PWM signals. 1-wire communication protocols, I2C, SPI, UART. Driving LEDs, motors, relays, displays. Remote control with IR. Lighting, temperature, relative humidity, position sensors, inertial acceleration sensors and gyroscope. Reading sensor signals, switches, potentiometers, keyboards, rotary encoders, IR signals.

    I am ecstatic with the kit. The instructions in the tutorials were enough to put together all of the circuits, and the programs were compiled and run without any difficulties. Almost all components in the kit are utilized in the lessons, with only minor repetition. Elegoo saves you time by providing all of the source codes and libraries you’ll need so you

    The Elegoo Mega 2560

    What are the Key Features

    • The Elegoo Mega 2560 has an LCD screen that is easy to read and on which you can adjust all of your printing settings. You will also be able to display the 3D model that you want to print and then make any needed changes to it. The touchscreen control panel can also be used for other features like manual Z-leveling, resolution, support material density, speed and X/Y axis movement.
    • The Elegoo Mega 2560 has a filament guide that helps you load the filament so that the printer does not overheat the material.
    • The Elegoo Mega 2560 has a low-temperature extruder that can be used when printing materials that have low melting points.
    • It also costs less than many other 3D printers in its class.
    • Elegoo Mega 2560 offers high-quality printing as it can print at a resolution that is better than that of most other 3D printers.


    • The Elegoo Mega 2560 has a great price for the quality that we get.
    • The Elegoo Mega 2560 is solidly built and does not shake or vibrate when it prints objects
    • It is easy to install and comes with clear instructions that you can understand easily.
    • It is also very simple to use. There are no extra accessories needed besides the printer itself to use it effectively without any hassle
    • The touchscreen control panel is very responsive and we can easily adjust the settings and make any needed customizations without any issues
    • It has a USB port that allows us to connect it to the printer without having to use WiFi.
    • It does not cost a lot to maintain your printer as it is easy to clean.
    • It uses an external 16Mhz clock crystal (not included) rather than an onboard oscillator, giving the user a wide range of crystals to choose from and making it easy to swap crystals if the need arises.
    • It is durable and built to last for an ordinary user
    • It is compatible with many different types of software.
    • It has a good build quality
    • The 3D printer is quiet and efficient when printing for long hours


    • The digital pins are not grouped appropriately making it difficult to distinguish digital Pins among the 24 analog pins.
    • The printer is not very tall, which means that when you want to print an object that is a bit tall, then the top of the object will be cut off
    • It does not have much room for error if you want to do a lot of printing at one time
    • The print quality may suffer if you are printing for a long period of time
    • It only comes with one nozzle
    • The material that comes with the printer is not very good and tends to clump easily
    • The extruder can get stuck sometimes, which is annoying
    • The printer does not have an auto-bed leveling function, which you may or may not like depending on how well you know your 3D printing needs
    • It lacks two more bidirectional Uart chips, one for serial communications and another one for parallel communication such as I2C

    Design and Layout

    The Elegoo Mega 2560

    This board is designed to work either in an open-source Arduino environment or to work with the Arduino IDE.

    It is designed to be breadboard compatible and the pin layout and the layout of the board are based on the standard Arduino Uno R3 design. The dimensions of this board are 4 inches by 2.2 inches. It has a height of 0.6 inches, which means it can easily be mounted on a breadboard or protoboards or any other support device for prototyping boards.

    The board itself weighs 2.6g without any components attached to it.

    This board has a pretty good design and layout. The placement of the pins is deliberate and intentional, including the addition of solder jumpers or small oxidation areas at the end of each pin. This makes it easy to identify the purpose of each pin in a program

    Why the Elegoo Mega 2560?

    The Elegoo Mega is a great board and can be used by both beginners as well as professionals. It is Arduino compatible which makes it useful in projects that involve Arduino shields, even making it possible to replace some of the Arduino shields.

    A major advantage of this board is that it has I/O ranging from digital to Analog and has more peripherals than the standard Arduino Uno. It is also very cheap due to its price and the fact that it comes bundled with a lot of useful accessories.

    The price of this board can easily be justified by the fact that it is compatible with Arduino shields, gives a good range of I/O pins as well as additional peripherals.

    Because the Elegoo Mega 2560 is innovative! The Elegoo Mega 2560 holds a grip on the market of 3D printers with 3D printing technology and it will be able to make its way against other products in its class that already have a good reputation. It offers great convenience and a good price.

    These are just some of the many reasons why you should consider getting one.

    What do I get?

    Included with your Elegoo Mega 2560 are a printer, a touch screen control panel, extra oil, recovery dryer, replacement tubes (2 types), AC adapter, DC-to-wall power cable, and print material. The printer is also in a protective bag before it goes out for delivery.


    The Elegoo Mega 2560 is a 3D printer that has been designed to be able to print at high resolution and speed. It also has been designed with a touchscreen control panel, which allows you to customize your printer without requiring any programming skills. This 3D printer was made for the beginner who wants something that is not only easy to use but also has high-quality printing capabilities.

    The Elegoo Mega 2560 has been designed in such a way that everyone can use it. Do not worry about understanding how 3D printing works. With this unit, you will just have to plug it in, download the software, and start printing right away.

    This is perfect for first-time users as well as experienced ones.

    All the hard work has been done by the manufacturer with this 3D printer. You will not have to put in any extra effort to customize your printing requirements. You will not need to worry about finding the right material or deciding on exactly what you want to print.

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