Elegoo Saturn Review: Affordable Resin 3D Printing For Beginners

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    • For 3D printing beginners, the Saturn is great, especially if you’re looking for added build volume
    • You could save some money buying relatively comparable printers like the Photon Mono or Mars 2, some buyers say (Source)
    • The build quality is excellent and since it prints right out of the box- there are not a lot of technical headaches
    • There are some safety concerns with a resin printer like the Saturn- make sure to use gloves, always ventilate the printing area, try some mini purifiers, and as always don’t drink the resin- duh! (read more about resin toxicity here)
    • We love these Saturn user tips here- they include ordering spare FEP sheets, getting the Elegoos Mercury X wash and cure bundle because it fits the building plate better, loading up 3D printer safety equipment including a respirator

    The Big Idea

    The Elegoo Saturn MSLA 3D printer can print at lightning speeds while maintaining high-quality standards, all for a reasonable price. Equipped with an enormous and powerful 8.9″ 4K monochrome LCD panel that prints with a generous HD resolution of 3840 x 2400.

    You’ll get highly detailed prints all at the impressive speed of a two-second layer printing time. With a large print volume of 192mm x 120mm x 200mm (7.55″ x 4.72″ x 7.87″), you can batch print parts or do more finely crafted individual items, chugging out awesome prints with staggering efficiency.

    Stars Wars

    Check out some of its stunning prints (we’ve got tons of 3D printing projects you can also choose from):



    Elegoo Saturn Review

    We will look further into the Elegoo Saturn 3D printer, and you will be able to narrow down your top choices.


    • Packaged very well: When you begin to unbox your Elegoo Saturn printer, you will notice that it is kept safe. It’s packaged so well that you may have to spend a couple of minutes unwrapping everything and taking all the protectors off the printer.
    • Easy to set up: If this is the first time you have ever used one of these printers, you’re in for a treat. It takes approximately 10 minutes to set up the printer. That time starts from the moment you unbox the printer once it arrives.
    • Printing: If you are not familiar with the program, Chitubox, it is best to become familiar, so you can know how to work the product. As the object prints, you will find that the quality is superb. There aren’t any blemishes as you watch your object print.
    • It’s quiet: As the printer is running, you’ll notice that it’s quieter than other printers. This product has fewer fans than similar machines that run while the object is printing.


    • The build plate: In some cases, the build plate is not leveled. If it’s not leveled, then your project won’t build properly.
    • The design: When you first receive the machine, it’s best to look it over. You may have a machine that has a design flaw. Look at each segment of the machine, especially the sensor placements. These placements will help you to determine that your project is being built accurately. If they are in the wrong placement, then your project will not be built correctly.

    Horizontal line:

    Another disadvantage to this product is the horizontal line that appears on your printed object. You could have added the resin in the wrong place or you could have set the machine up the wrong way. When you start noticing the line, stop what you’re doing and look at the way the machine is set up.

    It’s best to go over and make sure you didn’t forget any steps.

    Who It’s For

    There are a lot of business professionals that use this type of printer to test new products. You don’t have to be in that type of field to use a machine like this. A lot of gamers use this as well.

    Design and Features

    One of the features is the aluminum resin tank. This is designed to make the product last longer. Part of the design of this tank is the shock absorption unit.

    This unit helps keep the product stay quiet while you’re working. This feature is also great when creating larger projects because the leveling joint makes it easier for you to navigate through the machine. It won’t wobble, and it will allow you to have a clean, finished project.

    The next part of the design worth mentioning is the optical sensor. The sensor will tell the printer where to start when you create your first object.

    Once you turn the printer on, the first thing you will notice is the UI. The UI is a great tool to have with the Elegoo Saturn. It’s a touch screen, so you can press on whatever you’re looking for and can control the axis yourself.

    Another feature worth mentioning is the printing speed. Instead of waiting hour after hour for your object to print, the Elegoo Saturn has an HD resolution of 3840 x 2400. The resolution will reduce your building time.

    Filament and Setup

    Filament and Setup

    Before you purchase this product, you must purchase resin. If you are new to 3D printers, you may not know what resin is. The resin is the solution that you pour into the printer to make the object.

    You can’t complete your project without this solution.

    When you take the printer out of the box, there will be a red cover on it. You must take that off and take off all the packaging materials. It’s best to stand it up to make things easier.

    Once all the packaging has been removed, you should see a box that comes with the machine.

    In the box, you’ll see the cord to plug in the machine. You will receive some strainers as well. The strainers will help you pour the resin into the machine effectively, and the product will not create a big mess.

    Another tool that you will receive is a cutter. You will use this to cut off support from the object you’re creating.

    There are a couple of spatulas that come with the Elegoo Saturn. The first one is metal and very sharp. It is used to scrape the model off of the machine.

    The second spatula is plastic. It is used to gently remove the object you’re creating from the machine. This yellow spatula is great if you’re working on fragile projects.

    Other items include a wrench and extra tools. The wrench is used to adjust part of the machine depending on the size of the project you’re working on.

    Other items include gloves you can wear when pouring the resin, high-quality masks, and a flash drive.



    With the Elegoo Saturn, you must use your personal computer. Your computer is what will help you build your design, so it can appear in real-time in the printer. To do that, you will need to use the software that comes with it.

    Chitubox is a great software to use and will help with the ease of printing your projects. If you’re not familiar with it, you will need to learn more about the software before you start using it.

    Print Quality and Performance

    Once you purchase the Elegoo Saturn product, you’ll notice that the print quality is perfection. The product has 54 UV LED lights making the print quality have high results. Because of the high results, the performance is very consistent throughout each project you build.

    Summing Up

    With each decade that passes by, technology has become more advanced. The most recent advancement in technology today is the use of 3D printers. 3D printers have changed the way we look at objects and how they are built but is a 3D printer right for you?

    That’s a great question. Another question that comes to mind is, how is it possible to choose from several different 3D printers on the market? To answer those two questions, this review will give you a little help.

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