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    • According to users deciding between the Elegoo Saturn and the Mars 2, they are comparable quality-wise with the same XY resolution of .05mm (Source)
    • The Mars Pro 2 will be a bit quicker because the Saturn’s larger build plate means lower rising speeds, which increases the print time by around 15%
    • If you’re not using this for production, it comes down to personal preference: larger machines will have additional issues; mistakes will mean a greater cost in terms of resin; parts will be more expensive to replace; but you will get that larger build plate.
    • If you’re going for smaller prints you should stick with a smaller printer like the Mars Pro 2 (Source)

    It’s no secret that it is a great time to shop for a quality 3D printer. 3D printer prices have dropped, much larger print models can be created, and the speed has also skyrocketed.

    In addition, they’re now being used to 3D print drugs or even 3D print some bookends.

    For shoppers who wish to make a smart, informed purchase, the question becomes which model to choose?

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    Lately, this has frequently become a choice of the Elegoo Saturn vs Mars 2 Pro. Fortunately, there is good news. Our unbiased deep dive here is designed to help 3D printer shoppers make a much more informed purchase decision.

    Take a look at the Elegoo Saturn and the Mars 2 Pro, compare, and see what best fits your needs.

    The Big Picture

    The Elegoo Saturn: Overview

    The Elegoo Saturn team set an impressive goal: to deliver enhanced resin printing capabilities, in a reliable, quick way, without breaking the bank. By all accounts, this is close to total success.

    The first thing noticed with the Elegoo Saturn is that as long as you have also purchased the printing resin (none is included, which is something the company possibly could reconsider), it can be used practically straight out of the box.

    Set up time for users familiar with 3D printer basics to get it up and running in roughly ten minutes. That kind of user-friendliness is a rarity in the 3D printer industry.

    The Elegoo Saturn impresses with its large 4K mono display screen, measuring 8.9 inches, something which 3D printer enthusiasts will appreciate.

    The printer’s build size is 192 x 120 x 200 mm, allowing larger models to be made compared to competitors in its price range. If bigger is better, the Elegoo Saturn is on to something.

    The device uses less energy and heat to remain as ‘green’ as possible, without sacrificing efficiency. This is accomplished with the 3D printer’s 54 unit LED light matrix, which requires only 65-80mW to power up and print.

    Users can expect highly detailed printing results, especially considering its speed, with a printing accuracy of ±0.05mm. The HD monitor facilitates this, giving an accurate rendition of what is being printed that is reliable and accurate.

    The Elegoo Saturn has also been crafted to be quite silent and sturdy, extra pluses for a positive user experience. Its handles make moving the printer less of a chore than with other models, and its lack of wobble makes for less avoidable errors.

    Sample print

    Finally, the 3D printer’s slicer is also first class. It features an “upgraded smarter” Chitubox slicer that is simple to use and boosts workflow speed and accuracy. Ten layers of linear transition are delivered, and the results are easy to see in the Elegoo Saturn’s highly detailed objects it can create.

    Does the printer have any negatives? One issue that should be noted when considering the Elegoo Saturn vs Mars 2 Pro is that some users have remarked that the Elgoo Saturn print models are difficult to remove from its build plate, and care should be shown at this point in the print process.

    This should be kept in mind when working on important projects. When working with this in mind, the problem seems easily avoided.

    The Mars 2 Pro: Overview

    Also from Elegoo, the Mars Pro 2 is the company’s drive to develop and market a high-quality 3D printer at a true entry-level price point. It can be expected to be significantly less expensive than its Elgoo Saturn line, depending on sales, and where the purchase is made.

    The big question is if the resin 3D printer can produce models that satisfy user expectations.

    This model comes with a 2K HD resolution 6.08 inches monochrome LCD monitor, which most designers would consider more than adequate for projects large or small. Precise details are easy to see and deliver accurately, with the printer receiving significant praise in this area.

    Despite its affordability, potential buyers will be pleased to learn that the Mars Pro 2 has been clearly built to last. Rather than a plastic body, common is competing brands. The Mars 2 has a body made of CNC machined aluminum.

    This solid and durable body’s long life potential is also matched in LCD screen, which will deliver thousands of hours of use before needing a replacement. This is quite a lifespan for an affordable 3D printer, and far above the norm.

    Sample Print

    Perhaps the best feature of the Mars 2 3D printer is the quality of its models. Printing at twice the speed of other brands in its price range, its models can be detailed down to 0.01mm, which would require nearly a microscope to see flaws. It cuts edges clean and smooth, delivering quality that can be compared to printers four or five times its price.

    An enthusiastic one year warranty backs the Mars and is easily set up with little or no experience. These are clear testaments to Elegoo’s devotion to leaving customers more than satisfied with their purchase choices with the brand.

    In Conclusion

    The answer to which 3D printer is a better choice from Elegoo the Saturn or the Mars 2 Pro does not require much thought after working with both printers. Neither model delivers significant letdowns. It isn’t hard to see why Elegoo is becoming a dominant force in the market.

    The factor that divides the two is simply budget.

    Is the Elegoo Saturn worth an extra investment? We think so if the shopper’s budget allows, and if they can use the larger monitor, print size and other features. The expanded capabilities exceed the extra spent in our estimation. Elegoo continues to deliver real value that can be counted on..

    We also have no doubt that the Mars 2 is a purchase that will help create models that exceed even high expectations for years to come. It is a less expensive 3D printer that still delivers stunning features.

    With the battle between the Elegoo Saturn vs. Mars Pro 2, we see winners on both sides. The difference is how much you can comfortably spend.

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