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About 3DPrintingPricecheck.com

The Team

3DPrintingPricecheck.com is a project by Jonas Neubert. Keeping up with the rapidly evolving world of 3D printing services wouldn't be possible without the help of a small team of trusted price checking assistants who regularly check the information provided here.


The idea for this page born in early 2012 while trying to get a comprehensive overview of the prices charged by online 3D printing services. Researching the cost for a specific item involves the cumbersome process of uploading a design file on each vendor's site, or searching through their not always quite up-to-date documentation pages. Luckily the situation has improved a lot by now (and I like to think this site played a role in the process). Nevertheless, manually comparing prices is still far from easy and that's why this page automates the process.

How does it work?

The purpose of this site is to provide you with price estimates for as many 3D printing services as possible and as many material options as possible. For each price a confidence level is shown to indicate how good I expect the estimate to be. For some vendors, this site queries their APIs for pricing information and it is safe to assume that the estimate is 100% correct. For others, the prices are manually collected from their website, and the confidence is lower because the price might have changed in the meantime, or somewhere a mistake happened in recording the pricing information. And last, some vendors do not publish their pricing information and the estimates here are based on reverse engineering the pricing scheme from online quotes. Naturally, that leads to a very low confidence.

If you spot an error, please leave Feedback.

For 3D Printing Services

If you are a 3D printing service, no matter if big, small or tiny, you can have your offers included on 3DPrintingPricecheck.com. Just drop me a message and we can figure out the easiest way to go about getting your offer details listed. No additional technical infrastructure is required on your end, getting your data listed can be as simple as sending an email with a few numbers.

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