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Size 9 Ring

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Volume: 2.14cm3 (0.13in3)

Surface Area: 21.61cm2 (3.35in2)

Bounding Box: 4.40cm x 4.40cm x 0.70cm

Inch Unit Cube

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Volume: 16.39cm3 (1.00in3)

Surface Area: 38.71cm2 (6.00in2)

Bounding Box: 2.54cm x 2.54cm x 2.54cm

iPhone5 Case

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Volume: 10.13cm3 (0.62in3)

Surface Area: 204.77cm2 (31.74in2)

Bounding Box: 1.00cm x 6.10cm x 12.60cm

Espresso Cup

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Volume: 35.56cm3 (2.17in3)

Surface Area: 215.51cm2 (33.40in2)

Bounding Box: 6.03cm x 8.20cm x 8.20cm

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